When applying sunscreen, it’s easy to feel as if you’ve protected yourself thoroughly against sunburn. The truth is that you might have missed a spot or two. Remember these often-forgotten areas before you step outside.

The back of your neck

The hair on the back of your neck won’t protect you from sun damage. If this part of your body is ever going to be exposed to sunlight, always make sure it’s protected with sunscreen.


Unless you’re wearing earmuffs or a trapper hat, your ears are going to be exposed to sunlight. That’s why you must always add sunscreen to the external parts of your ears.

Armpits and the backs of your knees

When it comes to using sunscreen, it’s always arms, shoulders, sides, legs and knees. But is it ever armpits and the backs of your knees? These specific body parts are often neglected. Take them into consideration the next time you apply, and be sure to reapply given how sweaty they can become. If you’re putting on deodorant, remember to apply sunscreen first and give your skin enough time to absorb it.

In between your fingers and toes

The small areas in between your fingers and toes need a decent amount of suncare. This is especially important given how hands are usually, if not always, exposed to sunlight, and also how popular sandals and flip flops are in sunny weather.


Whether you’ve brought sunglasses with you or not, your eyelids require sunscreen, especially since the skin around the eye is particularly sensitive.

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