The right sunscreen will never let you down, but the bottle it comes in might. Sunscreen bottles inevitably come with their own inconveniences, all of which make EezySun’s helpful packaging such a welcome relief.


Sunscreen bottles take up space. When you carry one in your beach bag or stuff one into your suitcase it can feel as if you’re lugging around excess baggage. EezySun snap sachets, on the other hand, are about the size of a credit card. This means you can fit a few of them into your pocket, wallet, gym bag, briefcase, backpack or suitcase without any extra weight or bulkiness to worry you.


Sometimes carelessness translates into not closing your bottle of sunscreen properly, or not opening or handling it carefully (the same goes for sunscreen tubes). This has messy consequences. But EezySun scores points for its easily openable packaging. Snap a sachet open, apply what’s inside (which is enough to cover your face, arms, legs and neck) and throw it in the bin. You don’t have to endure opening the same bottle again and again while the excess cream from last time congeals on the lid.

So, instead of spending money on a large tube of sunscreen, buy EezySun at Spar, Clicks and other retail stores. One snap sachet can be used in one go, takes up hardly any space wherever you take or place it, and is easy for anyone to handle. It’s a refreshingly convenient alternative.

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