While some people may regard sunburn as just a temporary skin irritation, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, sunburns can result in lifelong damage to the skin. Not only does a sunburn increase your risk of developing cancer, but it can be extremely unpleasant. Here are three ways in which you can alleviate the pain and soothe the burn quickly and effectively.

Cool the burn

As soon as you notice red skin you should cover up and get out of the sun immediately. You must then act fast to cool the burn down. You can reduce the inflammation by taking a cool shower or bath, or you can use ice to cool the burn, but ensure you don’t apply ice directly to the affected area.

Avoid wearing tight clothes

Wear only loose clothing while your skin is replenishing itself because tight clothes can irritate sunburnt skin. Wearing loose fitting clothes will allow your skin to breathe and speeds the healing process.

Drink lots of fluids

Burns result in fluid being drawn away from the rest of the body to the skin’s surface, so it’s important to rehydrate by drinking a lot of water, including sports drinks that help to restore electrolytes.

Apart from the three we’ve mentioned, there are several other hacks for treating sunburns. Sprinkling baking soda to lukewarm bath water can also relieve the pain – baking soda has a higher pH level, so it’s effective at balancing the lower pH level of sunburnt skin. By keeping a few EezySun snap sachets in your bag you can avoid suffering burns in the future, and make applying sunscreen very convenient and hassle-free.

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