While it’s less than a month to go until race day and the majority of your training might be done, prepping for the Two Ocean’s marathon doesn’t stop until you’re officially on the start line. Whether you’re an amateur or a veteran, there are always things you need to be reminded about to get your body and mind ready for a good and enjoyable race. From skin care to nutrition, here are a few ways to prep yourself before race day.


With the bulk of your training done, this is the time to start slowing down, also known as tapering. This doesn’t mean that you can now sit back and stop exercising as you will want to keep your momentum going. According to Nolene Conrad, professional athlete, runners can begin tapering three weeks before the race when “your mileage decreases and you should keep doing your intensity workouts”.

The next step is to ensure you’re packed with all your essentials the night before the race; Health24 recommends the following snacks and drinks for the day:

  • Energy gels
  • Sports bars
  • Water
  • Sports drinks

Being a marathon, you’re sure to be on the road for some time, and we often forget that along with your hat and sunglasses, you can also protect your skin with the use of sunscreen. Remember to pack a couple of EezySun snap sachets into your pocket to reapply during the race and you can reduce your chances of skin damage while you focus on the race.

Race day

Marathons are not only about the physical but also the mental. Once you’re on the road, keeping yourself calm is very important; anything can happen on race day, and if you hit a bump in the road (literally and metaphorically) your brain needs to be ready to deal with it. Whether it’s a specific breathing technique, or reminding yourself of positive messages, composure is vital. Secondly, patience is key. If you’re an amateur, it can be very tempting to hit your top speed as the gun goes off. This way you run the risk of running out of energy later on in the race and that’s the last thing you want. Start off with a comfortable pace, and up it whenever you think you’ll benefit from going faster.

With the world’s most beautiful marathon around the corner, make sure you’re prepared for the day as best you can. Think about what worked or didn’t in previous years, combined with the tips above and you’ll be ready for a great race.

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